We're constantly scouring the web for credible stories of cannabis being used successfully as a medicine, so that we can bring them to you.


Because no matter how many times we, as regular, non-PHD'd folks living in the U.S., see cannabis heal a person, or even ourselves, we are not allowed, by law, to tell you that cannabis is the cure for anything. 

This isn't a bad law.  It's a law designed to keep some pseudo scientist from being able to package, advertise, and sell something like wild dandelions, as a cure for blindness, you dig?  It insures, at least in this single instance, that you do the research for yourself, and decide for yourself, whether or not cannabis flower or cannabis oils are something that you would consider as a treatment; no one can advertise it as one.

That means you need to hear from people who have tried it.  Personal experiences.  If you've got one, we want to hear it.  And we want you to share it, not just on this site (anonymous accounts are accepted) but, if you're up to it, with others in the real world.  Not to mention, with your elected officials! 

Some of us aren't lucky enough to be able to use cannabis as a treatment with our states permission. And according to the Fed, we're all (us patients) criminals. 

We need to let them know we're not, but, that requires your help.  So what do you say? You want to be our friend?

We need your help, guys.

We can't go around trying to tell people what to take to treat a certain ailment; we're not doctors.  What we can do, is relay information, from people who have chosen to treat themselves with cannabis, to others who are thinking about doing so.

That's our whole focus: Spreading information.

But, we can't do any of that without us sending us your testimonials.  So set up the camera, record audio, or write a letter.

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The new guide to help us all survive in the new world to come. This book will spark something inside each and every one of us. Mrs. Banda reminds us that we must re-learn the things we have forgotten in order to truly live free in peace and harmony; respecting others, their property, thoughts, speech, and religion. Live Free or Die is meant to help the reader attain knowledge, it is up to the reader to use this knowledge understanding and knowing the risks/ and rewards, involved. The Author is brilliant at explaining her near death experiences with a terminal case of Crohn's Disease. She makes you feel as if you have walked the journey with her as she used a concentrated oil made from the cannabis plant to put her disease to rest. This book exposes deep corruption within our system, and ways to fight it. Picking up Live Free or Die will inevitably change the way the reader may view the world. It may empower the reader to get involved; it will save the lives of many, and will be the spark that will help to ignite the revolution to take back our country.